When the puppy will be 5 days, it is necessary to stop the tail.In 3 months cropped ears.Of course, this should be handled by experts.Up to six months, the dog must be made a standard set of vaccinations.Then you need to repeat a year vaccination.
Doberman Puppies love to chew on something.Especially when they are starting to change teeth.Therefore, the Doberman should always be toys.
this breed is ideal for home detention.Doberman in nature rather chistoploten.To on carpets and furniture had no dog hair, sometimes enough to comb it with a special brush.Bathe your Doberman is recommended that no more than 1 time per month.
Doberman requires mandatory training.It can start in 5-6 months.The dog should know the general course of obedience, otherwise it can get out of hand and become a problem in your family.
Care Doberman is not very complicated, but it requires certain rules.Dishes for feeding and a place to sleep must be kept clean.Clean ears Doberman must be 2-3 times a month.Remove dirt and accumulation of sulfur from the ears can be cleaned with a cotton swab.If the dog out of his ears has an unpleasant odor, you should contact the veterinary clinic.
Also do not forget to wash his eyes.Remove mucus can be a dry cloth or cotton wool.For each eye should be a separate pad.If the dog's eyes were red and zudyatsya, it may be a sign of allergies or the beginning of an infectious disease.
Nails need to be cut once a week.To prevent damage to the vein, nails cut should start from the tips.If Vienna is still angry and started bleeding, cut on the place you need to make potassium permanganate or cotton swab soaked in a solution of hydrogen peroxide.
By walking the dog is approached with great responsibility.Dobermans are choleric, they are constantly in motion.The dog must move to perform certain exercises.The walk should be at least 2 hours a day.Since this breed of dog is to guard, then to walk it is necessary to strictly muzzled and on a leash.
Outdoor dog can injure pads.Therefore, you should regularly inspect the feet for signs of cuts, cracks, or glass, glaring into the skin.It happens that Dobermans are formed corns between the toes.Do not leave it unattended.You can consult a doctor.
Doberman belongs to the short-haired breeds, and in winter it is not necessary to walk with him for a long time.When supercooling them susceptible to diseases of the urinary system.If it's cold outside, you can buy a special suit and shoes for Doberman.