Appearance basset hound


Basset Hound has a very remarkable appearance.It's a long stocky dog ​​with short legs.The back is broad, breastbone a few steps forward, powerful legs, a padded.Excess skin of the dog going into the folds on the face, legs and neck.Wool from the representatives of this breed is short and dense.The most common three-color black and white with red spots and two-tone red-white bassets, but for them to assume any color inherent beagle.Dachshund has a long, low-set ears, setting the edge of the snout, thin and velvet to the touch.Very expressive part of the dog's eyes are.The diamond-shaped, often dark, even though they are bright dogs can be brown, with a noticeable conjunctiva of the lower eyelid, they look calmly and seriously.The Basset Hound withers can reach 33-38 centimeters.The average weight of the representatives of this breed - 20-29 kilograms.

Names for dogs Alabais

Character basset hound

At first glance gives the impression of a lazy basset hound and a few clumsy dog, but this is not true.We should not forget that this breed was bred for hunting small game, and she and many inherent qualities that are typical of the hounds.This is quite headstrong dog with dignity, that he heard the command from the host, first think whether it is worth it to do it, and only then will sit down or stick.Bassett characterized by such features as mobility and gambling, he can chase the pigeons or enthusiastically track the neighbor's cat.And while Basset - sensitive and loyal pet.If the owner pays due attention to the dog, it is difficult to find a true friend.Zhivotnoeproizvodit bred dogs intellectual impression, which develops a mutual understanding with the host.

What do the owners

Basset hound owners believe their pet - the best, but do not deny the need to deal with his education, to become so.Bassett - independent dog and teach him unquestioningly execute commands easy.He can pretend not to hear the voice of the owner, or at all, and jerk in the woods, in obedience to his hunting instincts.This dog needs a human society, therefore, not uncommon when a young dog owners in the absence of an apartment turns upside down, with the melancholy howl.From these expressions of love to the owner of an animal is necessary to wean a child.It is necessary to pay greater attention to health and basset hound.Expressive eyes and long ears - his weaknesses.Their condition is necessary to watch, if necessary, to clean and bury.Short wool dog does not require special care, but it should be regularly cleaned with a special brush.However, all difficulties will be more than compensated by positive emotions, which can be obtained from contact with the pet.