Before buying a puppy is required to make inquiries about the breeders who breed dogs is collie.Talk with them, visit the canine exhibitions, look at their pets, pay attention to animal welfare.
how to choose a dog breed for yourself
choosing between a male dog and a bitch, trust your personal preferences.If you are not planning to breed puppies of this breed, take the dog.Males more representative and independent.Colli girls are more flexible, affectionate, they are easier to teach the various commands.
how to choose a beagle puppy
Take the family Collie puppy is best at the age of 8-12 weeks.This is the period of social adaptation, as is the establishment of the nature of the baby.Collie puppies at this age already weaned and able to eat independently basic types of feed: meat, cereals and dairy products.
how to choose a dog for a child
Pay particular attention to the mother of puppies.It should be well-groomed, active and cheerful, in any case, not exhausted.Remember that only a strong animal can give birth to healthy offspring.
how to choose a dog for an apartment
There are 3 kinds of color collie: tricolor (black with tan and white markings), red (from light to golden sable) and blue marble.The presence of white markings on the legs and collar desirable for any form of color collie, they give the dogs of this breed more attractive.
kak vybrat mopsa
Collie puppy must be active, playful, quite plump.It should not be any internal parasites (worms), or skin (lice, fleas, lice).If you go to a nursery or a breeder, a puppy at the time of sale to be prokleymen, under the provisions of RKF, and it is made puppy card, which can later be exchanged for pedigree dogs.
Coat small Collie should be thick, and the eyes, ears and nose - clean.The true eye color collie puppy can be determined only in 7-8 weeks.In dogs, the eyes of any color should be dark.The only exception is marble, blue-eyed collie.
Carefully inspect your favorite dog.At Collie puppy should be strong and straight limbs, long beautiful neck, straight back, the tail should fall below the hock.Good dog distinguishes also developed lower jaw, scissor bite, obliquely arranged non-convex and non-circular eye.