What should be the dog for hunting wild boar?

main objectives of the dog in the hunt for prey - his wanted list, call the owner to the location of barking beast wanted wounded game, pursuit.Therefore, the animal must be smart, cautious, clever, resilient and courageous.The dog must be able to assess the situation, well understood and implicitly to obey the master.For example, finding a wounded animal, which is particularly dangerous dog if necessary, should divert it to themselves and thus give the owner an opportunity to prepare.

best breeds of dogs to hunt wild boar

best dog for hunting big game, including wild boar - Laika.You can choose any of them: Karelian rock, East Siberian, West Siberian, Russian-European.These dogs are by nature intelligent and quick-witted.They have an innate tendency to search for the persecution of the beast.But it should be understood that each breed has its own intellectuals and mediocrity.So you can go through a lot of dogs, before you find the most gifted.

largest of huskies - East Siberian.This is a natural "zverovik."With this dog successfully hunt elk, wild boar, bear.Karelian-Finns - the smallest of the huskies, they preferred to hunt fur-bearing animals: fox, sable, white.Russian-European and West Siberian huskies breed also work well in the hunt for big game.

Suitable for this dog breed yagdterer.Best of all, she hunts for burrowing (fox, rabbit, etc.), but fared well in the paddock boar.With these dogs more difficulties than with huskies.Firstly, many different terriers unstable mentality.Secondly, the viciousness of these dogs often exceeds the permissible limits and their bravery borders on recklessness.This can result in the death of a pet in the boar's tusks.But properly coached yagdterer - a great helper in the hunt for big game.However, to bring up a dog need a lot of effort.

to hunt wild boar can be used dogs.These dogs are intelligent, hardy, quickly understand what is required of them.Mastiffs - large animals, which is important in the hunt for the wild boar, as is often the dog is necessary to keep the animal.

Sometimes a good dog for hunting can be found among Russian hounds.Despite the fact that they are considered "Norns", ie, chase the fox and the hare, in some individuals, there is interest in a large animal.If Hound began working on hoofed animals, fur-bearing animals in it will not return.This dog will be indispensable hunter.