history of the breed and its appearance

Initially, Cocker Spaniels were exclusively British breed, designed for rifle hunting.But American sobakozavodchikam wanted to have their own breed, the basis of which would be taken by the English Cocker Spaniel.So there was a breed of American Cocker Spaniel, which is somewhat different from its English counterpart appearance and character.

The American Spaniel face a snub-nosed and deep, domed head, it is higher at the withers for a couple of centimeters and harder to 3-4 kg.The dog itself is very compact, with long neck and legs, decorated with cute "panties."The coat of the dog is long, its color - black or black with white spots.

By the nature of the American was more mobile and temperamental.Because of his restless energy and friendly dog ​​sometimes gives the impression of a little obsessive.

How to choose a puppy

The first question that must be addressed is the sex of the pet.Here, every buyer must decide on their own.Unlike other breeds, Cocker Spaniels are equally loved-with respect to its owner - that males that females.

After sexing need to decide where the puppy will be acquired.You can buy it "with hands".But there is no guarantee that the animal is healthy.And you can turn to professional breeder or kennel owner.

In this case, the potential buyer is required to show the kennel, puppy parents, their awards, documents of the "baby", will tell all about the breed, and will bring a lot of useful literature.In addition, the services of the members of the club are always veterinarian, dog, "barber" and advising on any questions.Puppies from kennel always vaccinated proglistogonit and healthy.

next stage - the selection of a puppy.Inspection Spaniel is best carried out on the table.The most important feature of the breed - it is good balanced head.The skull should be round, and the length of the muzzle should be half the length of the entire head.Eyes - almond-shaped."Correct," ears Cocker similar to the length of the blade and reach the nose.

Neck dog should move smoothly into the withers and be strong.With regard to housing, in the formulation of the dog in the rack, its shape should fit into a square.Feet of a healthy puppy is always long and strong: front - without deformity, the rear - not contiguous to each other hocks.Particular attention should be paid to the dog's coat, which should be straight, silky, thick and fit snugly to the torso.

After inspecting the puppy can be removed from the table, watch him talk.Cockers are very friendly.A healthy puppy will not be even a hint of cowardice or nervousness, he will always be in a good mood.