What are huskies

been many breeds of dogs that are part of this group: Karelian (comparatively large, but has a unique working qualities - they hunt even bears), Russian, European andWestern and Eastern Siberia and others.Recently, after a decision of the FCI (FCI or FCI) in this group have been recognized and the Finnish Spitz.Rather, at trade shows now permit one ring and the Karelian-Finnish Laika and above Spitz.Sometimes referred to Laika dogs bred natives of the American north - Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyeds, etc.

easy to see that all the huskies, regardless of their color and size, have similar features - expressive eyes, bushy tail curled in a resilient ring, mind and energetic character, as well as other signs of exterior and temperament.

Regardless of the species, all the huskies - recognized hunting dogs, so they are not recommended by the inexperienced dog breeders who do not have the habit of spending a lot of time in the woods, hunting down an animal or bird.However, breeders (owners of dogs producers or owners of private nurseries) are usually very closely follow those in whose hands will get a puppy, trying to sell them to hunters or people living in rural areas or in the countryside.

How to choose a real husky

to buy a puppy huskies, you can contact the kennel club and find out when the offspring is expected soon.It may also directly contact the owner of a private nursery or a specific dog liked to get help when you can buy a puppy.Many breeders and enthusiasts huskies these rocks with great pleasure answer all questions related to their pets - and on specialized sites, and exhibitions, and even a chance encounter on the street with passers shown interest.

any of huskies puppies must have documents - or the dog can not be considered a real representative of any breed.After the birth of the offspring to the breeder is required to come to the representatives of the club for a standard inspection puppies.Dog handlers figure out how newborn puppies breed standard compliant, as well as assess the state of their health.As a result, the documents (passport puppy, which later can be exchanged for a full pedigree) issued a so-called puppies without disqualifying defects (albinism, cryptorchidism, congenital malformations, some species - the wrong color, etc.).Thus, the puppy having booked a standard form issued by the club, working under the auspices of the International Film Festival or the RKF (Russian canine organization) is a very real, albeit tiny, husky.

For those who intend in the future to hunt and gets husky for this purpose, it is important to choose the parents' working abilities.Laika, in addition to canine exhibitions, which assesses their exterior, are taking part in the working trials.Their work is estimated experts, and up to all the participants issued an appropriate certificate.If the parents of the puppies in the past have achieved good performance on this kind of inspections, there is every chance that the puppy, and with the right education will eventually become a real hunting dog.