There are many ornamental species

One of the most popular is ─ Maltese or Maltese.It is very attractive because of its dense snow-white hair down along the body.This wool does not form whorls and is not divided into individual strands.It looks like a royal cloak.From miniature dogs ─ the most glamorous.

Chinese Crested Hairless or ─ sometimes downy.There is a tuft of hair on his head.Very hardy dogs rarely get sick and require minimal maintenance.They love playing with rubber toys and get along well with other animals.Do not induce seizures in people with allergies.Also, rarely bark, and express their emotions facial expressions.

Japanese Chin ─ the oldest of breeds, the history of the origin of thousands of years.These dogs do not need to walk, they will quickly become accustomed to the tray.Very rarely bark never bite.They ─ true companions for their owners.

Pomeranian ─ compact little dog is very similar to a stuffed toy.Very playful, very tolerant of travel, perfectly gets on with other animals.He likes to bark, and her voice is very shrill.

─ Yorkshire Terrier dog is very tiny scales up to 1.5 kg.It was bred as a dog-kryselov.It has long fur, having no undercoat.Therefore, it never fades.Very funny and clever dog has a good ear.About every rustle warns the owner barking.

Chihuahua ─ very tiny, tall at the shoulder and 23 cm. Observation, smart, funny, and moving well aware of his master perfectly.It has a stable psyche, unlike other "kids".

Griffons ─ have distinctive character.They are infinitely loyal to the owner, felt his mood and imitate.Neupryamye and obedient, friendly with all pets, especially cats.

Russian Toy Terrier Dog ─ City, unpretentious care.Since it is not necessary to walk easily accustomed to the tray.Bold and always fighting to protect themselves and their master.Sociable and affectionate that can become loyal companion for many years.

Bolognese ─ do not have the undercoat, so do not shed.This breed is hypoallergenic ─.The coat requires constant care: it is necessary to comb the curls, wash and cut.It has a docile nature, but it can not be alone.

Papillon come in two varieties: with erect ears and hanging.Their large family ─ spaniels.They are very affectionate, playful and smart.Have a good memory, love to travel.

above are not all breeds of toy dogs.There are a lot of them.


Dogs decorative rocks are ideal for those people who had never kept the dog house as well as for families with small children and elderly people who can not take long walks with his pitomtsem.Bezuslovno dignity of dogsthat they do not take up much space in the apartment, eating a lot less food than larger dogs, and convenient to travel with them.

As a rule, these dogs are very pampered.For example, toy terrier, jumping off the couch, can break the leg.They can not tolerate the cold, therefore, need special clothing.

Because of their tiny size, many representatives of these breeds have difficulties with pregnancy.For example, the Chihuahua puppies can be born only with the help of "cesarean section", which carries additional costs.

Many breeds require a lot of attention to grooming.When choosing a dog is necessary to consider all the pros and cons to each other to deliver the joy of fellowship for many years.