periodically conduct an audit of their things - an incredibly useful exercise.During such audits it turns out that much of the contents of multiple cabinets can be sent to the scrap.It's a shame, though, that some things from among the rubbish it is still usable, but you do at home is hardly useful.You should not rush to refer them to a landfill, there is a chance to sell them to those who will benefit, and the Internet to give a lot of opportunities.

How to cook things for sale

All that will subsequently be put up for sale should be serviceable, clean, tidy and suitable for further use.But that does not meet these criteria, you can throw away.

clothing and shoes before the sale must be thoroughly washed, dried and ironed.Fur coats, jackets and boots is better to pass the cleaners, it can make them more presentable Bole.Wash should be soft toys, pillows, blankets and so on, which lends itself to washing.It does not matter that they were not used, the buyer does not want to see someone else's dirt on his things.

Home Appliances sure to check for faults.Do not be amiss to find instructions and other documents to instruments, if any survived.As a bonus, you can give the buyer accessories, if mobile electronics or additional plug-ins that you purchased separately.

How to sell everything that is not necessary

simplest option - boards.Register free for them and for advertising too often do not ask for money.

Before you make an advertisement for the sale, make a series of high-quality photos of selling things.Clothes better to photograph worn on a mannequin, the buyer could appreciate how she sits, and household appliances, toys, tools and so remove from different angles, it is better to allow the potential buyer to consider purchasing.

When photos are ready to take immediately after the writing of the ad.Do not stop on the exact description of the items and their characteristics, although this information is also important.The point of purchase, and so you can see in the photo.To quickly sell something, you need to paint the buyer benefits from the purchase.Wearing a jacket - not a "bomber with pockets" and "warm jacket famous brand in which you will not freeze in the cold winter, it will look great with any shoe, while the roomy zippered pockets fit a lot of useful little things."And remember, everything that can be useful in everyday life, there is a buyer.