exterior finish of brick houses

When constructed brick building, the exterior wall decoration begins in the construction of the house.In this case, you can use bricks of different colors.They can be used to issue an original facade of the most intricate patterns.The patterns you can create a two-tone and multi-colored, because now the building materials market can be found a brick of different colors and textures.

can decorate the building, dropping on the top row of bricks of different color, or put their ornaments around the windows.Large patterns with intricate designs perform better on the walls, where there are no windows.The facade looks good in finishing his "rosettes".Usually "rosettes" of bricks adorn the corners of buildings.The effect of "sockets" is obtained by extending the bricks one quarter relative to the total surface.

Decorating houses of concrete blocks and opilkobetona

If you plan to build houses of concrete blocks, then a wall decor already need to take care in the manufacture of the blocks themselves.To get the plans, when forming blocks on the bottom of the form, you can fill granite chips, or gravel, and only after that to produce concrete is poured a solution.After solidification of the lower decorative layer can begin to fill the unit itself.
When the exterior of buildings of adobe or opilkobetona first surface of the walls plastered.Because these materials are able to absorb moisture very well.As a decorative finish can be used granite chips or just cover the walls with water-based or silicate paint.When the coating paint is necessary to take into account the prerequisite - plaster surface should be damp.

Exterior finish wooden houses

for facades of wooden houses has its own peculiarities.When building a house used high-quality wood material, it is possible to apply a transparent finish.For this purpose, varnish and lacquer.First, the surface is covered with two layers of varnish, and then apply two coats of varnish.After application of each layer, the surface is dried.If building homes used wood with defects, then used an opaque finish.Walls and shpaklyuyut first primed and then painted with paint, varnish diluted.Also, the walls can be covered saydingovymi panels that not only converts a wooden house, but also make it warmer.