pigeon droppings as good fertilizer, and sometimes even better.When compared with a conventional manure, it is much more useful elements.This organic fertilizer on the properties and superior horse manure.For example, the phosphorus content of manure pigeon eight times longer, it is also four times as much nitrogen.
It is worth noting that the percentage of useful properties of pigeon droppings depends on age and supply of poultry.On average, one pigeon can get up to three kilograms of manure per year.
Before using pigeon droppings, it is necessary to properly prepare.This fertilizer has a high concentration.To plant nutrition when they do not burn the root system, you can not use the litter fresh.However, it should be diluted properly, otherwise all the valuable quality is lost.
Put litter in the container.Fill it with water.Ten parts of water is taken is one part of the litter.The solution can be added superphosphate and wood ash.This will increase the useful properties of pigeon manure.The solution was then allowed to stand for two weeks.Occasionally stirred.
When gas bubbles cease to stand out, you can begin to plant nutrition.This sediment can not be used.Usually it poured all the liquid, which is poured and the next harvest.
fermentation can also use another ratio of water and litter.In two parts water take one part of the litter.Further dilute the concentrated solution with water when necessary.Water the plants, usually in the fall and spring.
This fertilizer is good to use for fertilizing houseplants.Also pigeon droppings can be applied in dry form, this early fall or spring around trees poured dry mixture and then buried at a depth of about fifteen centimeters.
If you want to feed the plants, making handfuls of manure under every bush.Also, deep fertilizer scatter evenly over the garden beds in the ratio of fifty grams per square meter.Next, using a rake stirred topsoil.Litter in the dry form can be spread between the beds.
Feed the plant with a liquid solution of pigeon droppings should be no more than once every seven days.It is better to do it in the evening.After fertilizing the land required to be watered with clean water.
Keep fresh litter should compost pit with the addition of peat, straw, corn stalks.However, storage should not be long, otherwise the fertilizer will lose its valuable qualities.