Processing gladiolus bulbs to kill thrips

Since the onset of autumn with a larger number of thrips move to the lower part of gladioli, and then under the scales of bulbs, then it is this part of the plant requires more attention.First of all, the excavated tubers need to shake off the ground, and then five minutes to immerse them in water, heated to 50 ° C.Another embodiment - to lower the tubers in a warm solution of malathion for 20-30 minutes.To prepare such a tool to take the drug 2r 1 liter of water.

treated bulbs should be thoroughly dry and clean for the winter in a room with a temperature not exceeding 8 ° C, otherwise the thrips may be activated.During the entire period of storage gladioli need to browse and if pests are detected, sprinkle onion with chalk or hydrated lime.

Before planting corms sorted out, eliminate the infected and treated normal.For the treatment, a solution malathion and yarrow tincture, which is produced from 900 g of dry material, poured 10 liters of boiling water and aged for two days.In any of these means bulbs held for 20-30 minutes.

Other methods of combating thrips

to scare pest in the growing gladioli treated chamomile extract, onion peel, tobacco, celandine, cayenne pepper, garlic.Another popular method of combating thrips - planting garlic, calendula or between rows of onions gladiolus as a pest can not stand these plants.

To get rid of thrips throughout the summer need to spray several times gladiolus aktelikom, hlorofosom or karbofosom.The interval between each treatment should be 10-15 days, it is desirable to alternate preparations generally to pest had not adapt to any one.

spray the plant should be in the clear warm weather, in the cool hours of the insects do not appear on the leaf surface and the processing is meaningless.Spraying is carried out during the formation of the first 4-5 pages, then after the appearance of stems and buds during staining.
To reduce the pest population and reduce its risk to colors in the autumn of all ground forces gladiolus collected and burned, and the soil is deeply dug.The following year, the plant should be planted elsewhere on this site to return gladioli will be possible only after four years.