for proper pump selection for irrigation must take into account a number of conditions encountered in suburban gardens.These include the availability and stability of its electricity supply, type of vessel, from which it is supposed withdrawals for irrigation, the area that needs to be supplied with water.Rainwater is collected in a barrel, it is ideal for watering.If you plan to irrigate vegetable water from the well, it is necessary to pump it into the pre-tank to it warmed to ambient temperature.

terms of functionality, all of the pumps can be divided into two groups - mechanical actuated by physical manpower and power.If your summer cottage electricity not yet carried out, or have interruptions and other difficulties, it is advisable to use a mechanical pump.They are available in different versions: rotary, diaphragm, piston, with the pressurization of the barrel without it.

Mechanical pumps

mechanical pump, pressurized, inconvenient for holiday watering.It is mainly used in industry and for pumping water from bottles.To garden is more suitable pump or rotary piston type which can pump water from open reservoirs and tanks.The maximum depth to which you can pump water mechanical pump varies between 7-10 m. The main disadvantage of using such a device is that for watering the garden requires the presence of two people, one of which pumps water, and the second deals specifically with irrigation.

Electric pumps

Electric submersible pumps are divided into (pump capacity) and external, or superficial.Surface pump is used for supplying water from an open container of a natural or artificial basin.Such a pump located at surface and lowered into the water bight.He can lift water to a height of 10 meters. If the irrigation area is made of water pollution, it is necessary to apply a drain pump, it is protected from contamination, and some models are equipped with a special impeller, the grinding debris (such as leaves).Very convenient pump for containers, it can be used to pump water from the tank capacity from 50 to 200 liters.

Modifications electric pumps for irrigation enough.It is desirable that your chosen model allows you to adjust the water pressure, suction elements have a filter that excludes clogging the pump.Some manufacturers include in the kit to the pump all kinds of nozzles and sprayers, allowing to choose the modes and methods of irrigation.