Beeswax - a biologically active substance, which has healing properties.This product beekeeping helps maintain health and beauty, is an assistant mistress in maintaining the purity of the home and the functionality of the interior.

As the wax used in medicine?

most dominating feel fresh wax.Included in his complex substances, composition and function of which have hitherto not been clarified in this period have a pronounced antibacterial effect.Beeswax contains a large number of vitamin A acid esters useful.It is an ingredient of many drugs: ointments, gels, tablets.

wax has long been used for the treatment and healing of wounds, cuts, burns.Chewing wax appointed to improve metabolism, strengthen the gums, cure the common cold, the purification of the respiratory system.For example, in the sinus and hay fever consider it necessary to chew the wax for 15 minutes every hour.In some countries, make candy, as part of which there is not only medical, but also wax.The use of these sweets a beneficial effect on the gums, strengthening them, and normalizes the digestive tract.

As used wax in cosmetology?

From tons of beeswax receive more than 5 kg of the unique properties of essential oils.Waste recycling is used in industrial applications: in printing, textile and glass manufacturing, electronics assembly.Wax is an ingredient of many creams and masks, have nourishing, whitening, toning properties.This product beekeeping - a mandatory component reduces wrinkles masks and creams, anti-aging skin.

As used wax in the household?

Wax in conjunction with linseed oil and turpentine forms a composition having properties polishes.With its help renew natural wood furniture.Softening wax rubbed copper and bronze articles: figurines, candlesticks, souvenirs.To give the skin a natural water repellency, it waxed.To do this, mixed in equal parts fat, means for the care of natural leather and wax.This composition can be processed boots, gloves, jackets, coats, handbags.

To get rid of the creaking wooden window frames and doors, rub the wax all their moving parts.This method helps to make easy and smooth movement of wooden drawers, tables, cabinets.For this internal guide waxed.Using wax can protect the surface from cutting boards of harmful bacteria and microorganisms.For this purpose, a mixture of 1 h. L.wax and 1 tbsp.mineral oil, which is heated in a microwave oven and rub the surface of its boards.