Why balcony?

If the apartment has a balcony, the best place to dry clothes, just do not find.Whether or not glazed balcony, you can always create a draft on which the fabric dries very quickly.If you come here again and the sun's rays, it will contribute to further accelerate the evaporation.Hanging wet clothes in the bathroom or other enclosed space, you create it in high humidity, which favors the formation of mold and mildew.Linen will dry for a long time, getting a foul odor.The balcony is to create ventilation simply open up several windows, and all the excess moisture will leave the dried laundry will smell fresh.Drying on the balcony is comfortable and that, in contrast to the other rooms, the balcony is used the least active, and there hung the laundry would not want.

How to dry clothes on the balcony

order to dry clothes on the balcony, you'll need a special device - dryer.Offered for sale can be found several modifications dryers - wall and floor.Wall dryer mounted to the walls of the balcony, pulling on a rope between them.How to dry on a clothes dryer is easy to guess: the laundry is hung up on a rope strung and hung high enough.It looks not very aesthetically pleasing, so it's best to choose a folding model, which, if necessary, can easily disguise.Floor drying set and folded like an ironing board.In contrast to the wall, they can be rearranged, added and completely remove, for example, into the enclosure.

If you have a glazed closed on all sides by a balcony, you can simply hang the clothes on the ropes.Try to straighten the fabric is good, because it dries faster, less pomnetsya not acquire an unpleasant smell.If a balcony overlooking the sunny side, trying to place the dryer so that direct sunlight does not fall on your clothes, or bright fabric may burn.If the "hide" from the sun does not work, try not to leave a long linen: Once dry, remove immediately.

If there is a possibility that the clothes can be blown by the wind from the open balcony, it is necessary to fix the clothespins.When selecting pegs in the first place, pay attention to the part that is in direct contact with clothing.Substandard plastic clothespins in this place can be "burrs" which will later cling to the fabric and keep tightening.Clothespins after drying on the balcony can leave characteristic traces on the fabric, so it is better to be coupled at the seams in the least visible locations.