The lack of comfort can sin and Soviet apartment garniturom- "wall" and a carpet on the wall, and the super-modern house in high-tech style.This happens when you do not feel in the interior of the individuality of its owners, because there is nothing worse than a faceless house, even if it was working on a big-name designer.

In order to make the house special, not necessarily spend a lot of money, the main thing - a fantasy!What little things can help to create comfort?

1. Textiles, carefully chosen.Even the most minimalist interior will be transformed if the window drape curtains and throw on the couch a few small bright cushions.But you can still sew covers for the chairs!

2. Carpets rather small fluffy rugs, preferably bright colors or with original patterns - they look much better than the "naked" floor or carpet from the plinth to the floor.Spread of the sofa, in front of the room in the hallway.

3. Flowers.Here it is a universal way to liven up any room, even if it is a futuristic office with lots of glass and aluminum!But remember, the pots should be beautiful, and flowers - big enough.Those "two inches from the pot", it is better to hide the pores on the window sill behind the curtains.

4. Family photos within give the interior individuality and make it more "home".If you want something unusual, you can even order a Mural on door or furniture fronts!

5. Lighting.Make the room more interesting help alternative light sources: point lights, sconces, floor lamps ... If necessary, they can be used to create a cozy intimate atmosphere.

6. Lovely trinkets.Where do without them!But with all this "good" to be careful: first, trinkets should not be too much, otherwise the room will be like a gift shop;secondly, they must be combined with each other.Porcelain figurines and wicker basket on a shelf?This will not work.Furthermore, let all these little things are beautiful, not bought in haste.Look for unusual panels, candle holders, interior dolls, caskets books.

7. Beautiful aquarium immediately attracts the eye!Besides, who does not know that watching fish calms ... Look beautiful aquariums built into a niche in the wall (it is easy to do with plasterboard) and slightly illuminated.

When your home comfort reigns, it would be desirable to return again and again.