Modern alarm not only display the time and produce loud sounds at the scheduled time, they are able to perform many other tasks.Some models are able to measure the humidity and temperature of the air, serve as the radio, adjust to your biorhythms.

There are several criteria for selecting the alarm

The easiest way to select the unit - to focus on the sound.The melodic alarm clock, so it is more pleasant.Under beautiful melodies to wake up much more pleasant than a nasty rattling.It is best to choose an electronic alarm clock with lots of melodies, which can be changed regularly because many people quickly become accustomed to a particular tune and no longer react to it.

method off - another selection criterion.There are machines that are turned off at the touch of a button located on the top panel, they are very easy to dismiss asleep and continue to sleep on.Many modern alarm clocks have a complicated system shutdown, during their "neutralization" dream away.But if you're grumpy people should not buy too complex alarm clock, once you can simply break.

sure to select the alarm clock that lets you customize the number and type of calls.Some people fit only those alarms that are able to continuously ring for a few minutes, while others prefer to put a pause between calls and a little nap at this time.

design and functionality

Think about what functions should have your alarm clock.Do you need a thermometer, radio, bedside lamp, moisture meter in a single package, or simply an alarm.The same applies to design.Currently, very easy to select the alarm clock that will fit easily into the most challenging interior of the apartment, but the design options are usually more expensive than ordinary.

Modern technologies allow to create alarms, which are embedded in the sensors that determine the phase of sleep.Such devices only person awake in the phase of light sleep, making the awakening more pleasant and easier.The problem is that as long as these alarm clocks are quite expensive.But if you are comfortable waking up to a priority, be prepared to spend about nine to ten thousand rubles for this miracle of technology.

You can try to find the application on the mobile phone that works on this principle.But unfortunately, these applications require a long setup, moreover, not everyone is ready to sleep close to the cell phone microphone (which requires a majority of these applications Service), the risk to drop it from the bed and spoil.