Analyze all the details of your working day, look at what you are spending your time.Many do not even realize how many minutes, or even hours, they spend on trips to the store on the seat in front of the TV or computer, talking on the phone.And here

Service?If you look in the evening the news or television, which adversely would affect your nervous system, then tomorrow you will be much more difficult to wake up, because it will be harder to fall asleep.In our life is also influenced by factors such as diet, daily routine and even thinking.

If you have trouble getting up in the morning alarm clock, maybe your body simply can not, desire and energy to start a new day.What can be done to sound the alarm did not remind you annoying squeak of a mosquito?

1. Try to go to bed early at least an hour for this aside such things as sitting at the computer and watching TV.

2. Before going to bed, ventilate the room.

3. If you are not prone to a cold, at night you can leave the window open.

4. The duration of sleep should be at least 7-8 hours.

5. It is useful to take a walk before going to sleep, or even make a run.

6. Replace alarm clock pleasant music that you want to wake up.

7. Alarm is best left in the remotest corner of the room.

8. Get up early to have been left at least 20 minutes, because no one wants to meet in a hurry.

9. Do not lie in bed after the alarm clock for more than 2 minutes, it again will make you relax and you do not want to get up.

10. Also, do not translate alarm for 5 minutes, it will also give another reason to relax and unwind during those 5 minutes you hardly have time.

If you notice that in the day to get up early is not a problem for you, and in time it looks to hard labor, in this case, dealing with your work.Maybe you for some reason do not like your job, and it's not just salary.Maybe it's in an inconvenient schedule, superiors, in a team or impossible to implement.In anything.Perhaps if change jobs more enjoyable, wake up will be much easier.