Since everyone wants freedom and openly about this claim, it is necessary.But the problem is that the concept of freedom at all different and depends on the definition of a person's upbringing, his values ​​and outlook.Someone treats freedom as the ability to do whatever he wants, that is, to commit unlawful and illegal actions, subject to malicious intent.In this sense, to deny the freedom as a perverse notion of what is right and what is not, can lead to a person committing a series of crimes, including the particularly serious. freedom from something - because most people perceive freedom. freedom from the daily grind - that is, the ability to do what you want, do what is pleasant. Freedom in personal relationships often involves multiple partners, "legitimizes" the repeated betrayal.Very often, having received freedom, man lost - he did not know what to do with it.When you are a long time want something, go for it, will give desired characteristics nonexistent, something happens idealization - it seems that reaching this freedom, you have changed.In fact, it turns out that getting freedom, you understand that it is you did not need.In its optimal manifestation of freedom gives a person right to choose - as soon as the child grows up and becomes so capable that can make decisions, then it starts to make a choice.Prior to that, his freedom to restrict the scope of the parent, and after a certain age, this is an adult person can decide who he wants to be, where to go to learn, with whom he will talk, how to dress, etc.The presence of freedom in this sense is necessary because without it is impossible to find your way to define their preferences, create your image.Having the ability to choose life for something that person seeks, it acquires personality, realizes their plans.By depriving a person of liberty, it is possible to deprive the life he wants to live.But there is no absolute freedom - as soon as you start to achieve the long-awaited freedom, you find yourself at the mercy of their desires, which in fact is already a lack of freedom.