live outside the family for women is now much easier.Fall away those chores that are inherent in family life.There is a lot of free time, which a woman can spend on yourself, take care of your appearance, go to the gym to start cultivating, get another degree.She is content with random connections.Lonely woman is dangerous because it is insidious and purposeful, because it knows exactly what he wants from this life.

like women do not need to run home, where her family is waiting.It is a slender, well-groomed, beautiful and very charming, so is a serious rival to the married lady.In addition, single women or stop at nothing to achieve this goal.Therefore they fear them like the plague.And the society treats them critically, but they are able to defend themselves yourself.

often lonely woman beats someone else's husband (or lover).She sleeps with him, leaving him only fond memories.Such moments of happiness - is the salvation for the weary men, who in the family and no one appreciates.After all, a single woman does not nag, unlike spouses.She is the mistress, she has a headache.And it does not have in stock 20 extra kilos.

Lonely woman squeezes out of its existing status of all that she needed, she prefers to fill your life with a casual acquaintance.However, even though he knows how to create a family.A woman unconsciously abandons the child's birth.But believe me, is the one who is afraid to be left without a family, do not miss the chance to find a soul mate.

If you pay attention to all what has been said above, we can understand why a lone female sex is dangerous.For society - a real bomb, scary and unpredictable - you do not know where it will explode, and what consequences can be expected from it.