After exchanging greetings, if the initiative came from the meetings you go to a neutral topic.She can relate to the weather, the latest news of the political and social life or sports.Here you have to express their views on this incident, with whom your partner certainly agree.In turn, you accept the judgments made by them.This will eliminate aspects that cause anxiety and begin to destroy the psychological barriers.
In the future, try to do without talking terms that may be unfamiliar to your friend, find the words to express their thoughts, that they are clearly understood.
Speaking look into the eyes of the interlocutor, or select a point of view and look at it from time to time in response to a speech by his counterpart with a nod or a brief phrase, letting him know that you are focused and carefully listen to it.
start a conversation with the phrase, suggesting its involvement in the conversation and emphasizes the importance of his opinion to you, "I wonder what you think about ...", "Do you think ...".Replace the pronoun "I" to the pronoun "you" do not say "I want to ..." and "If you want to ...".
In conversation be emotional, smile, react to the words of the interlocutor facial expressions or gestures, but do not overdo it, everything should be in moderation.Demonstrate confidence of a man - take a little relaxed, convenient for you to pose, showing a desire to listen and communicate.
If further conversation your partner started to supplement and explain his statements, to respond more quickly to your questions and the right to express their responses judgments which are becoming more voluminous, your goal has been achieved and voltage reduced,initiate a constructive dialogue.