The first thing you need to do - is to believe in yourself.Set a goal and go for it no matter what.Let the path will be long and difficult, but you must do it.Line up for this plan in mind, and without turning, follow him.
Hold the implementation of new cases that had previously remained a mystery for you.For example, I never engaged in journalism?Try to write an article.With this you will not only broaden my horizons, but also will gain peace of mind.
not compare the work done by you with the results of other people.Remember that things do not always turn out to be "excellent", everyone has the right to make mistakes.
Do not criticize yourself too often, as a person related to him negatively, but lower self-esteem and eventually "kill" confidence.And especially avoid self-criticism in front of others.
Try not to make excuses to other people.Suffice it in a calm voice to clarify the reasons for your actions.
Always praise themselves for their work.If you praise the other person answer "thank you."It is not necessary to answer: "Not at all," "Come on, I was not hard."Remember that you show that that is not worthy of all the words of gratitude.
During the day, repeat to yourself, "I still can", "I am the best", "I am the most beautiful", etc.You can even write anywhere these phrases, such as your computer's desktop.
order to raise self-esteem, some psychologists are advised to take a piece of paper and list it on past successes.After you write them - aside.The next day, take the list and re-read, re-read it every day, and do not forget to supplement.The same thing you can do, and with their positive qualities.
Select a circle of friends who support you.Also, they should include confident, positive person, which emit only positive emotions.Remember that the more you smile, the more quickly will increase your self-esteem.But note that smile must be sincere.
Take the thing that you like.If you do not like your job you despise it, you do not want to walk on it - dismiss or change activities.
If you do not help, and the situation gets out of control - contact a specialist.