Give yourself time to mute Mount .After a loss you are experiencing shock, fear, unwillingness to believe what happened.These feelings and consuming energy and energy - this reaction is normal.Take them as a necessary part of the healing process.
Carry out their usual work: get yourself to go to the office, get out of the house.But do not expect a lot, because you are on the path to healing.
If the cause of grief is the loss of the beloved, write the letter himself and his former half, Throw your feelings, and when finished, tear and throw it away.
Take care of others, do not push your friends and family.These people, too, had once experienced mountain , and desire to help you naturally.
Try to help others.Maybe your family needs your support more than you do participation.Caring for them distract you.And if you're a man, you have no right to relax.It is difficult, but possible.Helping friends, solving their problems, you will realize that your mountain retreats.
More relax, indulge yourself.Take a massage, a new hairstyle, buy something dreamed about, go to the beauty salon.
Try to avoid contact with unpleasant people.
Do not blame yourself or someone else - an empty time-consuming.
Do not feel like you know what led to the situation that caused such strong feelings.You will take years to fully understand throughout.
To overcome loss or grief , you can apply just such a scheme farewell: Recognize fakty.Zavershite unfinished dela.Provedite ceremony proschaniya.Proydite oplakivanie.Poprivetstvuyte den.Protsess farewell today will be effective if youYou spend it in a state of trance.In this state of mind can be reprogrammed, to say goodbye forever to the person and allow yourself to live build a new future.
regularly listen to the recording of audio hypnosis for stress relief, relaxation.They remove muscle overstrain, contribute to relaxation.