If your loved one is wrong, and you are irritated by his mistake, do not generalize, "You are always inconsiderate!From you nothing but trouble!You can not charge anything at all! "This is a very offensive statement.It can cause irritation of the offender against you, and the desire to say, "Oh, so?Then nothing will not do! "It is better to ask them to come up with a way to rectify the situation.
easy to offend people neglect.Your loved ones hope that you remember important dates in their lives, and expect you congratulations not only on official holidays.If you can not rely on their own memory, create a reminder in the mobile phone, on your computer or on a calendar.
If you loved one wanted to share with you their problems, try not to push it.If you are very busy, carefully listen to it for a while and say, "You know, it's not as easy at it you need to think twice.Let's talk a little later, when I'll be free. "Of course, if your time trying to dispose of pushy type, you do not owe anything, you can just say, "Sorry, I do not have time."
Try to forgive people their little weaknesses.If someone talks about his stunning success in his personal life, in sports or fishing, take the time to expose and denounce.Perhaps this is a fantasy, but a fantasy harmless - they are unlikely to harm someone.Learn how to turn a deaf ear annoying you stories - and you calmer, and the joy of the other party.
not criticize the appearance of the interlocutor, his family and his hobbies.It is unreasonable to point man on his mistakes, which he already knows, and the more that can not be corrected.This is not only pointless, but also tactless, and fairly reliable way to permanently damage relations.
One should not go too far, trying to make a nice person.Exaggerated compliments and slaver not like a stupid and sensitive man - on the contrary, it is rather suspect you of some intrigues that need to disguise the time.