In fact, how can you be happy if you do not like?Knowing that for someone you are the best, beautiful and desirable in the world will warm the soul woman.It is vital to feel the man's attention, interest, love.Without it, it withers like a flower that does not receive heat and moisture.
has long become a tradition that the highest happiness for a woman to be a family well-being and the well-being of her children.This was considered an axiom that is not subject to discussion.Indeed, the word "mother" brings to mind the touching idyllic picture: a happy mother of a family, surrounded by the cozy, bright home loving people - her husband and son.
But lately, more and more women see the chief meaning of life and happiness in a career prosperity.The word "businesswoman" has long been firmly established in the vocabulary of many languages.And for someone from the women attend university - the ability to do what he likes, which reaches the soul, to give him all the strength, every spare moment.At the same time it is not just about traditional women's crafts or hobbies like writing sentimental love stories, but that has always been considered a man's prerogative.For example, more women see the meaning of life in extreme sports or traveling in the outback, wild areas of the Earth.For them, the idea of ​​complete happiness - to overcome the difficulties and to overcome their own fear.
Maternal Instinct (theoretically the strongest) in these women often is poorly developed.The thought that they may see the child, who will have to devote time and effort that detract from his hobbies, confuse them, and sometimes frightening.Any attempt to also remind them of the main purpose of a woman, they meet very negatively, "Do not meddle in my private life.I myself know what my happiness! »
it possible to consider such women happy, even if they have achieved great success?The question is not easy, very controversial.What is certain only one thing: force, against the will of anyone not do happy.Every adult, able-bodied man, indifferent - male or female, must determine: what it means for him the word "happiness."