If you go back to your childhood, you remember that feeling of guilt adults, parents and educators inspire you for those actions that do not like them.For a child, there was nothing wrong with that dirty clothes, but once it happened, he could hear from an adult speech that he can not be clean, he is bad.As a rule, not the actions were condemned, and the person who committed them.In your subconscious sense of guilt would be spread through the system of punishments and rewards.
Gradually, as the growing sense of guilt arises when you or your actions did not meet the expectations that are pinned on you by others.At this point, there was a substitution of the concept of responsibility and guilt.On a subconscious level, you understand that you do not need any action to remedy the situation, just to apologize, to admit his guilt.
Such substitution subsequently played a cruel joke with an adult who really do not understand what you need from it in the family or at work.By inertia, as well as a child, he knows that he has committed an offense, but has shown that he is guilty, apologized and said that the issue in this exhausted.But the actions of an adult, which is responsible for other people and entrusted to him the matter is not akin to the misdemeanors of a child who is not responsible.
Understand that the adult does not necessarily feel guilty.In that case, when you made a mistake, an apology is not enough already - you are waiting for further action, you correct the harm caused to others.
When you stop by the children's habit of mechanically utter an apology, acknowledging for the guilty, and start to make an effort to always be responsible for his words and deeds, only then you can be considered a real adult.Get rid of the guilt and gain a sense of responsibility, if you like, that others perceive you seriously.