Who are these "wolves"?

Wolves in sheep's clothing is usually referred to as the crafty, cunning people who quickly fall in confidence and cause self location.Once desired, they often remove the mask and show his true "I".After meeting with such personalities on the soul scratching cats, there is a feeling of emptiness, because the hardest to get hit not from the enemies and from those you trust.The worst thing is that the wolf in sheep's clothing innocent could be anyone - a colleague, friend, best friend or a close relative.
wolf in sheep's clothing will never be rude, to humiliate and to conflict.On the contrary, it will be tender and gentle, to get as close to the victim, and then catch the most active.

How dangerous "wolf"?

wolf in sheep's clothing is dangerous because it is - a real actor who knows how to artfully conceal their negative sides.Such a person can easily gain the necessary information and operates her own purposes.Typically, the potential victim can not even imagine that next to it lies the danger, and she reveals her secrets.Wolf could wait for years a good time to implement his plan to change their masks, to sympathize and even help the victim for personal gain.

How to recognize a "wolf"?

recognize a wolf in sheep's clothing is very difficult, it all depends on how developed intuition victim.Typically, these people are extremely friendly, curious and hypocritical.They can no longer take part in all the discussion of personal problems, give advice, sympathize, "sincere" and enjoy yourself at the same time shake mustache useful information.For example, the most cute and funny colleague one day can go to your boss and tell intimate secrets of his friend to obtain the desired position.She could easily tell the guy best friend of her secrets to get attention.And the faithful and caring husband could easily become a gigolo and greedy seize half of the property.Wolves are hiding there, where they are waiting less likely they are trusted, naivete, love, and the weakness of their victims.
After watching a wolf in sheep's clothing, you can see that it is a bit disingenuous, avoids specific issues raised, as well as interested only in specific topics necessary for the implementation of an insidious plan.

What if cheated?

be deceived unpleasant, and to be deceived a loved one - it is a painful and heartbreaking feeling, from which you want to climb the walls.However, before you do that, you need to pull yourself together and calm down.Unfortunately, no one is immune from what will be the victim of fraud.It should be taken as a bitter experience, to be more attentive and sensitivity to the choice of entourage.