need for love from others always appears when a person lacks self-love.It seems that the love of others compensate for the emptiness inside.However, it is not.Even if you love the people around them will be in excess, it is still no substitute for self-love.
The most common problems with self-love come from people nedolyubili childhood.Too busy working dad, indifferent mother, single parent families, or any other reasons why the child did not have the love of the most important people in his life, did the trick.From child turned adult who is desperately searching for the love of others to get what he nedodali childhood.In this situation, the first thing you need to be reconciled in the shower with his parents, and look at the situation from the other side.Maybe you just did not notice that the parents love you.Perhaps, by their nature or education, they did not know how to love.But almost all parents love their children.If you think about it, you will definitely find this evidence.
Problems with self-love are bound to be people who are accustomed themselves to abuse.If even in a joking manner constantly saying how bad you are, the subconscious will fix it and you will feel that way.So stop myself and start praising the blame.And praise for any occasion.Even if you just washed over a plate, be sure to praise yourself.
extremely helpful to keep a diary of their achievements, which you will write down all the good things that made the previous day.In the morning it is recommended to re-read blog, it will charge you for the day.
Love yourself.Behave with him as coming in, when you love someone else.Buy yourself whatever he wants, indulge gifts and surprises, say to yourself, nice things.
find within themselves an island of self-love.Every day, make it more and more feel like you love floods, coming from an internal source.Do this regularly, and very soon you will feel that you do not have a thought about how to do so, to be loved around, because you are full of self-love.