far as your comments are consistent?
man should have a stable mind and to express their own thoughts to be consistent.Among the fundamental laws of logic, the law of identity release.Its essence lies in the fact that in particular the reasoning given thought have to be identical, ie,equal to themselves.The reasoning should not be contradictions and can not substitute for the other one thought.It is unacceptable to give the identity of the different ideas and different concepts combined into one category and to equate them.For example, often in the course of the discussions people deliberately seek to shift attention interlocutor, and ask questions not related to the subject of the conversation.Incorrect use in speech homonyms - words that have two values, may lead to a lack of logic.For example, to respond to the human being as a historical figure, because his presence is always occur some stories would be a violation of the law of identity.In this case, the second statement follows from the first, and content they are not equal to each other.
peculiar to your conflicting thoughts and beliefs?According to the law of non-contradiction
can not simultaneously say anything to deny.If an object has a certain property, then it is unacceptable to deny the quality.There will be no conflict if a person talks about various subjects, or about the same, but taken at different times or in different situations.For example, saying that rain is favorable in the fall will not be accurate.It will be useful for the growth of fungi, but not favorable for the harvest.Thus two opposite judgment can not be applied in the same respect.
Are you able to choose the correct statement when you are two contradictory statements?
law of excluded middle states that of two contradictory thoughts, one is true and the other false.There is no third.According to this law, subject to any specified attribute is present or absent.But this principle does not apply to judgments relating to the future and are only predictions.Also, it is not used in cases where both judgments obviously false.For example, it makes no sense to choose the right decision when they say that all the mushrooms or edible or not.The law applies in cases where there is dealing with a tough situation: true or false.
Enough you are convincing in his speech?
Act articulates the need for a sufficient basis for any real thought to have sufficient justification.This emphasis on what can not be proved false ideas.Wrong all the people, but only fools continue to stand up for their mistakes.Any truth can be proved, citing sufficient evidence.