no harmony in the person who does not like himself itself and does not like himself.If you constantly "nibbles" and hassle yourself, thus you are at discourages act, condemning in advance all actions to fail.Love yourself and take with all faults.You understand that nobody is perfect.But this does not mean that you have reconciled with its negative traits.To cast himself that bothers you live - laziness, pessimism, lack of knowledge.Start working on yourself and improve yourself.
Instil currently confidence and reinforce its real achievements.Set a specific goal and go to him, overcoming obstacles and enjoying them as a way to express themselves, their willpower and desire to win.
most useless - fruitless regret.There is no need to spend time on them.If you have something does not suit in your life or in the middle - to correct the situation.Find currently friends that support your views and share your opinions.Their participation will help you a friendly and give you strength.
Let Me do and do what you like.Even if your main occupation does not require you to display their talents, find themselves hobby in which they unfold.Often it happens in life so that we have to do what we do not really like, so be sure to find a way to self-realization - paint, do crafts, go dancing, to learn a foreign language with a parachute jump.
fulfill his cherished childhood dream - to realize, it is also able to raise your self-esteem and stimulate the desire to dream and fulfill their dreams.Moving forward, the continuous development, the desire to live and love - these are symptoms of personality, which found harmony with itself, which found itself.