you need
  • - psychological counseling;
  • - prayer;
  • - hobby.
How can objectively analyze the situation.Ask yourself the following questions: what or whom you have lost?How this loss is irreparable?You have to compare, for example, you lost money by investing them in some kind of commercial venture, which subsequently collapsed.Try to understand that losing money is not as scary as it seems.Yes, it is unpleasant, but you still have a chance to start over and achieve great results.Think about those people whose life happened much more serious loss - a loved one or loved one, do not mean your grief is something compared to their suffering?
If you are the one who has just lost all very near and dear person, first of all, try to calm down.Yes, it's hard, but it is worth remembering that life on earth is arranged just so and not otherwise, all men are mortal and born, then to leave this world.To somehow dull the pain of loss, even if you do not votserkvlenny people try imbued with faith in God, in that the soul is immortal and longs for your prayers for her.Remember the departed to another world with kind words and pray for the repose of his soul - it is the most important thing that you can do right now for myself and for him.
Whichever of the losses you have experienced, remember that everything that happens to you, given to you for the acquisition of spiritual experience that you are a disciple in the world.If you - a believer, thank God for everything that he sends you again, for joy and sorrow, because they enrich you as a spiritual person.
experienced the loss of life, do not turn in on itself and within the four walls.Whatever it was, life goes on.Remember that a lot of people every day are some losses - what would happen if they all then endlessly in a state of depression?Do not forget the truism that time heals all wounds.
Find new friends, looking for interesting hobbies, interests, dive headlong into a job - be careful not to focus on bad thoughts and your sufferings.Start helping those who are even worse now than you.Your kind word, a smile, empathy will already mean a lot to these people.
Remember that often less severe and devastating loss are spiritual and moral.For example, disappointment in others, love, loss of faith in God.Sometimes people lose the very will to live, because they do not see in this life is meaningless.
not forget that not all people are as bad as it sometimes seems.True love exists - if you have not met her yet, that does not mean that it is not.Loss of faith in God, as a rule, is the result of resentment toward him because of something you have not received or have lost something.Even unwillingness to live is a consequence of depression, inability to understand themselves, to define new goals in life and values.
If you feel bad if you can not find a way out of any situation, do not despair - there is always a way out.Bad or good, but there.The darkest hour is just before dawn - if you think that all has failed, before you are about to re glimmer light.Things will get better again you will gain self-confidence and a bright future.