increased anxiety often transmitted to children by their own parents, who are used to worry about everything.These mothers and fathers in childhood often told their children not to swim, because they can drown, do not leave the house without a hat, as you can catch meningitis, not to drink water from the tap, because it floating bacteria.The boys grew up happily under such tutelage, but the world seems to them a very unpleasant place - where you do not look, everywhere in danger.The good news is that this can be combated.
Along with the bad, play in his head and a good script.Of course, when you cheat yourself, it is primarily a chain of unpleasant events: the boss asked him to come tomorrow, probably wants for something to chastise, but if the failure to account for, you probably should be fired.Force yourself to write a good alternative scenario: the chief calls you into the office to report the success of your project and offer you a boost.Gradually you have entrenched habit not to escalate the situation, but just look at the situation from different angles.
Can something be done to clarify the situation - do it.If your spouse is going to be for dinner, but already late for half an hour, do not hesitate about whether he has got a mistress, or his car was in an accident.Just dial the number of a man, and specify why it is delayed, and if everything is OK.If the cell does not respond - or call a friend of his colleagues with whom he was, and learn from them the fate of your husband.
Distract yourself.Can not wait for the results of an important event for you and imagine the worst case - go do something that chip away all your attention.Turn energetic music in the player, and vacuum the apartment, play with your child or pet, run a few laps on the square near the house, get old textbooks and choose a couple of problems in physics.Take the head of the other, and you will not be able to cheat you.
Start meditate.As soon as you realize that you have trouble eating, sit down comfortably, turn on soft music, focuses on a single point of view and try to banish from his mind all coherent thought.Meditation can not only at home, sitting on a carpet in the lotus position.In the office, you can just sit comfortably in a chair and put on the headphones.After five to ten minutes you will feel reassured and relaxed.