Tip 1: How to forgive cheating

lie in one form or another can destroy even the most delicate and pure love.Soul wound becomes deceived sometimes becomes unbearable, and the further development of relations seems impossible.If you do not intend to leave because of an error a partner, review related to the event.
philosophical attitude.In fact, no man deserves no love, much less apologize for any errors.Both are given to us as a gift, and talk about generosity and spiritual power of the giver.Get the power and generosity.Do not remind your partner about his wrongdoing and did not remember yourself.On the day when you need his forgiveness and understanding.Believe me: your communication and relationships is more important than the error of one of the partners.
ironic attitude.Life is always very serious, full of difficult moments and labored solutions.If we always perceive it in this way, it would have gone crazy.Therefore, nature has given us a sense of humor that protects against absurdity, irrationality and excessive severity of life.Although at this moment it is very hard to joke, smile and make a joke to his partner, but sincerely, for example: "What have you now execute ...".
illogical attitude.Of course, we need to talk about what happened to dot all the i.But in any case, do not start a scandal.Calm voice describe the feelings experienced.Do not start a scandal, I do not expect an apology.Just tell me what you know.After an hour, a day, and continue to behave as if nothing had happened.By all means to convince myself that nothing serious really happened.Continue to enjoy life together.
Do not punish your partner, especially his forgiveness.Do not show their sacrifice and dedication.He has qualms, knowing that hurt you, but still twice: first act, and then attempt to conceal the act.Seeing your theatrical suffering, he would not survive, and may propose to break the relationship, not to torment myself or each other.

Tip 2: Aphrodisiacs: hype or panacea?

Aphrodisiacs, named after the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite - is a matter of vegetable or animal origin, enhancing sexual arousal.Men and women used them for centuries, but now scientists have questioned whether some of the products have similar miraculous properties.
Aphrodisiacs: hype or panacea?

What substances are aphrodisiacs

aphrodisiac It includes a variety of drinks, foods and flavors.A list of them quite extensive.It has the usual things, such as celery, avocado, ginseng, oysters, spices cloves and cinnamon, licorice, bacon, chocolate and very exotic extracts of the sex glands of rabbits or rhino horn.By aphrodisiacs are not dietary supplements, medications and various means-panaceas that are sold in shops and promises great sexual exploits.

aphrodisiacs really work

Many aphrodisiacs really work - it is checked up by generations of people around the world.But there are subtleties in this.For example, rhinoceros horn - a very popular product for men.The unfortunate animal, carrying a so valuable for a strong half of humanity part of the body, lives in those parts of India and Africa, whose residents traditionally suffer from a lack of phosphorus and calcium in the body.And these substances are contained in the Horn.

African, consume it in food, improve the condition of the entire body, including the urogenital system.If the drug horns give the Europeans, no shortage of these trace elements, it does not feel the difference.
similar situation is observed with oysters, which contain a lot of zinc.Regular consumption of food will increase the level of zinc in humans that will benefit the whole body.

Do not discount the placebo effect.The excitation involves not only the sexual organs, but also the brain.If a man or a woman are confident that under the influence of a miracle means they will be able to relax and to show themselves in bed with the best hand, is usually what happens.
Spanish Fly - a popular aphrodisiac, causes a rush of blood to the genitals.However, at the same time it adversely affects on the kidney, liver, central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract.

Should you use aphrodisiacs

Supporters of the use of funds, enhancing excitement, like to say that if you have not felt the impact, you just have not found an aphrodisiac that is suitable to you.In fact, from the use of anchovies during a romantic dinner or to make partner massage with rose oil will not harm.And perhaps, in the course of the experiments you really will find a tool that helps you to relax and causes excitement from you.