you need
  • map with the location of the planets at the moment of birth, and at the moment
Look where the sun was at the time of birth .Aries gives snooty character with strong leadership qualities.Under the sign of Taurus born people are calm, balanced, striving for order is usually successful in business.Gemini has given the world many outstanding personalities in the field of arts and culture.Cancer - hopeless romantics, travelers, poets.People born under the sign of Leo noble and capable of beautiful deeds.Virgo has a high chance to succeed in science.If the sun was in Libra - it gives thrust to the beautiful, but it does not give a sense of inner balance.Scorpio - a sign of a bright original, one of the most prone to the occult influences.Sagittarius gives rise to a large number of gay adventurers.Capricorn - extensive, but not so enterprising people, true friends and a good family man.Aquarius - easy-going friendly and not prone to long sorrows.Fish - a subtle sense of emotional personalities.
Analyze, in which the sign was the moon.It makes transitions much faster than the sun - if at the moment of birth she was in the "borderland" - the first or the last degree, by all means consider the characteristics of both signs.Moon in Aries gives boldness and fearlessness.In Taurus - the ability of a business.In Gemini - success in trading and negotiations.In Cancer - guarantees high emotion and affection to the house.In Leo - promises success with the opposite sex.The Virgin - making meticulous and thoughtful.In Libra - contributes to the success and beauty.In Scorpio - it gives psychic abilities.The Sagittarius - provides a healthy share of adventure.The Capricorn - promises protection in monotonous work.In Aquarius - promises literary ability.The fish - gives artistic talent.
sure a similar manner the position of Mars and Venus.Compare the obtained data, reducing them to a table of characteristics in a vertical column, which mark the position of the planets (in which they are the signs) and horizontal - how it affects the character.The result can easily understand - what kind of person in front of you.Of course, professional astrologers are slightly different model for determining the nature, but this method, despite its apparent simplicity, can be useful to you.