Look at human carefully consider the details and nuances.It is important not to go too far and not be close or intrusive.Pay attention to how a person is dressed - what colors or shades predominate in his locker room, what kind of things he is, what can be said about choosing their tissues, shapes and label?For example, the bright colors of the clothes can be said that the person likes to attract attention.The labels often indicate the dependence on public opinion and a certain group of people.If the clothes are old-fashioned, perhaps the owner is conservative in their views, or he may have financial difficulties.
Pay attention to the appearance of man - posture, deportment, facial expression, orderly, well-groomed.In order to understand what a person feels, quite often take the same position in which it is located.Unbeknownst to his companion, copy posture.Consider what feelings you experience, convenient or inconvenient to you in this position?
Look what gestures often uses people.If he covers his mouth during the conversation, he told the information can not be disseminated.Frequent touching of the nose during a conversation could mean lie.A public gestures are characteristic of the human-friendly , who has nothing to hide from you.
Find out his interests.Sometimes it is enough to see that in the book he's reading, which posted a picture on your mobile phone.Often you can guess about the interest in style and image person or object in his hands.
Start the conversation with the man on an abstract topic that interests you.Do not talk specifically about you as scrupulously information is difficult to say openly.Discuss the story of what happened to your friend or something of the reports from the television.Analyze the answer.An indicator may be as big a detailed answer, testifying that person has an opinion, and the lack of options.In the second case, the person can be very shy, or he had nothing to say.
When analyzing the situation, avoid unambiguous interpretations.Only a few parts together can give a clearer picture.Check your guesses, not to think in cliches.Listen to your intuition prompts.