Force yourself to just smile, even if the soul scratching cats.Scientific studies have shown that controlling their facial expressions, we control the brain.
If you are allowing your body shape, do a headstand or arms, or with help yourself.Prilet blood to the head, the brain is significantly enriched with oxygen, and at times emotions become livelier and brighter.
Allow yourself to swear.Scientists have proved that swear words really help relieve tension.It turns out that as a result of certain chemical reactions the brain relaxes and gets positive emotions.So if a bad mood, you can not mince words.
Vitamin D deficiency affects our well-being, including in the mood.Even the dim winter sun can improve mood.The five-minute sun bath can make your day!
antidepressant properties of chocolate have heard many.It has a lot of magnesium, which helps to relax and relieve stress, and at the same time it increases the level of phenylethylamine in the body.This is the very substance that the body produces when we are able to love.
Stay alone.Only fifteen minutes of silence will help you recharge your mood by changing from minus to plus.To do this, not necessarily to meditate, simply sit by the window with a cup of good tea.
Go to the nearest park to ride the roller.If you do not have their commercials, they can always take the rental.Thrilling sense of speed trigger the production of endorphins.From these "hormone of happiness" and well-being will improve dramatically, and sadness will pass.By the way, at the same time during this walk you tighten your leg muscles, a show and people watch!
Plan a trip into the unknown country.To do this, look at the travel site and select the tour in which you would like to go.The mere sight of the sun pictures make you think about pleasant thoughts and start preparing for the long-awaited vacation, even if the circumstances permit to travel not so soon.
splash in the water: take the time to hike to the pool, at least for an hour.Do I have someone explain how refreshing water treatment?One swimming or water aerobics one employment - and the mood markedly improved.
change of scenery.To do this, take a tour of the city, and let the attractions will be a café, a cinema, an exhibition, and certainly the place where you have never been.
Take creativity, even if previously never done this before.Believe me, in each of us laid creativity.Find your talents: Try to prepare a culinary masterpiece, paint a picture, write a poem - in other words, do something that will bring you pleasure and your mood has improved markedly.
audited in her closet.Take away or even get rid of the things that you have not worn.Or give them to those who can really come in handy while they themselves go on shopping, buy a new thing.
Think about someone or about something pleasant.It can be a place exists, people - it does not matter.The main thing that you have turned their attention to the memories, or want to re-read any book, meet a good man in a nice place for you.This will not leave a bad mood is no chance!
Spend the day with positive people.Not only gatherings with old friends can affect your mood.Try to plunge into a completely different for you community.It's easy to awaken fresh emotions and interests.
Take spontaneous sex.Your second half is likely to enthusiastically support this initiative.Erotic massage and bright continuation help to leave behind all the experiences.