Get opytSamy best way to understand what you want from life , is to try as many different veschey.Naprimer if you were educated programmer and still only worked as a programmer,Your experience is very narrow.It's time to try something else.It can be any activity, even very far away from your profession, for example, painting, cooking, or marketing, business, or playing on stage - that ugodno.S other hand, if you do not want to change the scope of activities, yet you can get a new oneexperience to find yourself in life - to deepen their knowledge.It is necessary not just to do their job, you need to constantly evolve, read special literature, to take on new tasks, to develop related industries.
How nachatTut question arises: where to start searching for yourself in life .In this case there is a universal piece of advice: start with the fact that you're interested in right now.Take a piece of paper and a pen, sit down and write a list of activities that interest you and that you never in life not engaged.Do not worry, when, where and how you can do it - just write.At this stage, you just need to understand that you are interested in.When finished, examine the entire list and choose what you would like to try today.Circle these zanyatiya.Teper all circled Rank the class.Decide which ones are most interesting to you and mark it with number 1, following it - the number 2, etc .. Now is the time to decide how you'll do it all.Start with a class number 1. Come up, you start to this approach.Many are afraid of new business, consider that you must first complete all the old things.This is not true.You can gradually start something new and do it in parallel with the old.Start.Read a profile book, chat with a specialist in this area, sign up for courses and t.d.Otnosites any occupation as a valuable experience.Even if after a while you will be disappointed, you will have an experience that is sure to come in handy in the future to understand what you want from life .
summing itogiVyberite one night a week when you summarize.Write down what you have already mastered and which would like to move on.Newly through your list, maybe it will be added something new, priorities may also change.Gradually you have accumulated enough experience and understand what you want from life .