carrier of information about your interlocutor, whom you see for the first time, be it physical appearance, facial expressions, gestures, posture, clothing, manner of speaking.In order to make a psychological portrait express human , pay attention to the basic elements of behavioral patterns.
Rate facial expressions, gestures and speech rate.These parameters characterize the human temperament .As it is possible to define an extrovert or an introvert your interlocutor, if he is prone to domination or submission.So, fast-paced speech indicates activity and impulsivity.A clear articulation of the inherent conservative and pedants.
Listen to his manner of speaking, analyze the vocabulary used and the nature of the statements.They bear witness to the social status and occupation, as well as the spirit of a positive or negative development.Whoever set to achieve, say, "I'm doing a good job, I was promoted to" inactive person, prone to pessimism formulate his creed: "I am doing a good job, so I had not been fired."A man ready to take action, in the form of a conversation prefer, "I will, I decide, I will achieve" passive says: "I try to do, decide to achieve."
Much of the interlocutor can tell his body, body language, which is much more difficult to control than facial expressions and speech.Pay attention to his hands relaxed their position indicates the credibility and confidence.Energetic, like "chopped", gestures indicate high self-esteem.The manner to cover her mouth, characteristic of those who are accustomed to hide their thoughts, to cheat.
manner of dress, too, can tell you about what traits are inherent in man.On the positive mood human , active mentally and physically will indicate "youth" style clothing.Used even in the home "classic" style is inherent in conservative people, have traditional views that are difficult to change them, even if they are hopelessly outdated.