Take a deep breath and mentally convince yourself that irreparable situations do not happen, time, sooner or later, will put everything in its place.So, spending nerves on eerie experience is only in one case - if you feel guilty about.Then you have to admit it, or run the risk of endlessly tormented by pangs of conscience.The ability to recognize their mistakes and correct them in time - the best way to find peace of mind.But to do that few people are able to strong enough to humble the pride and fervor pounyat battle that erupted because of the conflict.
look at the situation positively.What good is a quarrel?Of course, reconciliation.If a person close to you and is very expensive, then it is incredibly pleasant to live with.Moreover, such a shake-up of relations does not without its uses when it is not being abused.At the same hostility to the fact there was a misunderstanding with someone, you can, if not forever, but for a while, to get rid of the object of irritation, which is also good.
Always analyze their actions and words, and the opposite side.This will help, at least in part, to disconnect from the emotions and see things clearly.It will be possible to see the solution to the problem, which will avoid the long "war" and future quarrels.
If emotions "splashing over the edge," and it seems that you are about to "boil", then allow yourself to "let off steam".There is a good way: yell at an inanimate object, presenting him as his abuser.Just do it in a place where there are no people.Otherwise, you will not understand and will accept for abnormal.
resort to means of relaxing.For example, rest on nature - it is an amazing property to calm, listen to music - it also can bring back the balance, or take a bath - water relieve stress.In general, get that pleasure and distract from thinking about a quarrel occurred.