death of her child - this is perhaps the most serious test, which can give life.It's very scary, extremely painful and almost unbearable.Most parents who lost their children forever, do not even know how to live.

4 stages of recovery after the child's death

The first thing to do after the death of a child is to accept the loss.So say psychologists.Many parents are immersed in delusion and denial, trying to avoid suffering.It manifests a protective reaction of the psyche.But to recognize the irreversible death of the child is necessary.

second stage of the recovery will be a complete living of grief, the maximum immersion in it.In no case can not forget or try to withdraw from the event.So the parents only disguise his pain - from themselves, from others.Subsequently, the pain will result in serious illness or mental disorder.To purify the soul, it is necessary to open the wound, according to experts in the field of psychology.It is difficult, but it's the only way to recover from bereavement.

In the third stage the parents have to change their way of life, to establish communication with the outside world, but without a child.With the death of the baby's parents feel lost because the subject about which they care no more.For the purpose of life is not lost, it is necessary to do what was not possible to carry out during the life of the child.These affairs and occupations to fill your spare time.Establish social relationships and living conditions without the need of the child, or for many years will not be able to recover from losses.

fourth stage of recovery becomes the formation of a relationship to the deceased child.To live a full life, feelings must be allowed to regroup.It is important to get rid of the guilt, resentment, fear.Understand that successfully passed this stage, it is easy.If the parents can talk to the dead child without paralyzing pain if their sorrow became quiet and light, and emotion directed at life today, it means that the restoration was successful.

Life after death of a child

In the name of your child, give all that did not get him, the other children, people.Accidents and a lot of the disadvantaged, they are sorely lacking warmth and participation.If the parents can not be solved with a new pregnancy, unspent love should be directed to the people around them.The child does not take away from death, but to make the other children a little happier - afford everyone!

If grief is really experienced, parents feel they can return to normal life.As you progress through all the stages of recovery, people gradually calmed down, and his life returned to normal, the old interest returned, life is filled with new colors.