you need
  • diary old video
To learn to see yourself from side , first of all make a simple step - Keep a journal.Beautiful, which is pleasant to hold.Yes Yes exactly!It's not burdensome, but incredibly useful.In the blog regularly write down your emotions and impressions of the day we live.Rereading old records, later you will be able to make a small opening to find the pros and cons, good and bad traits to evaluate their actions in a particular situation.Diary though allows you to step back, look at your life and actions by hand and by the way, often once again to make sure that any problems have come to an end.
From time to time, psychologists are advised to use a three-stage system analysis.For example, today in the evening sit in a chair, try to remember the day in detail.How it started?With whom you have seen today?How does it end?The second stage - work.And what about in the office (in school, factory, etc.)?Is everything okay here?If not, why not?The third stage - life in general.Now try to analyze it, and then compare these three stages.Maybe it's time to change something?
In addition, through old pictures and videos where you are sealed.Especially recommended video analysis.It allows you to find those features in behavior that would not hurt to correct or completely get rid of them.At first, after watching the video may have strong emotions.Your task - to try to move them to constructive action to improve the character and his precious life.In general, it is best to see themselves from hand criticism helps us, the main thing that it does not become a permanent samoedstvo.