you need
  • To develop the ability to see through people, you will need observation and patience, and a little knowledge on how to interpret the various gestures and behavioral responses.
develop observation, analyze what he saw.No wonder there is a saying "Psychologists have fun watching."Boring conference uninteresting events and parties, a leisurely walk in the park, movies ... Life gives you so many opportunities to develop powers of observation!Look at people, try to understand their reactions, try to solve their life style and way of thinking, based on a short observation.This will help to develop insight.
Learn alphabet gestures.There are many books on the interpretation of gestures.Especially good on the subject writes Allan Pease.Through these books, you can learn to recognize a lie, to see some hidden agenda, transient reactions that person is trying to hide.
Read books on psychoanalysis.Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, Karen Horney, and many other psychologists have dedicated many works attempts to understand the manifestations of the unconscious man.These manifestations are different ways to break a person's behavior, we just have to learn how to interpret them.
Learn how to include it in test questions.Once you potreniruetes the ability to monitor, detect and interpret gestures reservations can study included tests in question.For example, common questions people usually respond, so that issue their intentions.For example, if you ask a man: "What kind of girls are created for the marriage, and what is not?", He answers that it is important in future wife for him.After that, you can not ask for whom it is he wants to marry, so everything will be clear.And this is not only a test appointment.