Wake up easily and happily.To do this, pick up the alarm clock that will have to be associated with something pleasant.In the morning do not hurry to get up, stretch, like a cat, smile new day.Try to get up early, in a quiet mode to freshen up and have breakfast.Well, if in the morning you'll have time to do exercises, breathing exercises or yoga.So you charge the body with positive energy, and the whole day will be in a good mood.
Try not to stay at home alone, thinking alone begin maddening and even more to drive into depression.But at the same time choose to communicate a positive team, as a society of people complaining about their lives, will only aggravate the situation.Be sure to get out to theaters, premieres of new films and other fun social events for you.Read positive books, watch comedies, words do all the things that lift your mood.
Start pamper yourself, buy new things, shoes, a variety of delicacies.At the same time try to avoid harmful excesses, such as French fries, soft drinks, alcoholic cocktails.Well, if you start to eat rationally, it will not only be beneficial for the body, but also add to your energy.
Join a fitness club, choose for themselves those workouts that you like: dancing, yoga, step, etc.Here you will not only meet like-minded people, but also throw off the negative emotions, and instead only receive a positive and pleasant bliss in the muscles.
uses psychological methods to get rid of depression .Pronounces a positive attitude, they can be found in large amounts in the books and on the Internet.Pick the suitable affirmations such as, "Every day, my life has improved", "I am happy", etc.