«All dogs after death go to heaven»

Incredibly, the name of a popular cartoon hides a view which has helped many people.Naturally, in the first hours and days after the loss of favorite little to console.However, some psychologists recommend just to try to "think positive."If the animal is hurt for a long time, you can imagine how it ceased to suffer and be among their relatives.An older dog that could not run and frolic, now, perhaps, behaves like a puppy.The owner, who survived the stress after the loss of his friend, may submit any picture - cat country where each bowl close delicacy, or a forest full of adventure and holes, which will be happy terrier, loves walks.There are no barriers to imagine what the world now appeared dead animals.The main thing is to try to imagine what was it nice and quiet.

For the first time, it is desirable if you do not pay, or at least clean out of sight of all the items that may be associated with dead animals.After the pain of the loss will subside a little bit, you can decide what to do with them.In the meantime, the man stopped the look on a leash or dog toys, will only again and again to experience stress.It is not necessary to reopen wounds, spend hours browsing through photos and videos of the deceased mustachioed caudate or other

Do not be afraid of tears - because sometimes a dog or cat can be a true friend, companion and friend.Importantly, do not give yourself a long time, "bogged down" in this state.Change is nothing you can not, you just have to survive the loss.Remembering the other also should focus on the good and pleasant moments.The animal has lived a long and happy life with the owner's favorite - and most important. According to some psychologists, to draw up plans for a few days and densely filled with life events, leaving himself the possibility of sad, you can survive the loss quickly.

If the pet is killed in an accident in the prime of life, the owner is very hard to console himself.However, not everything depends on us, to be taken and relive what happened.It is not necessary to sit all day long, going through photos of the deceased friend.No matter how difficult it may seem, it is necessary to meet with friends, go out and be active.

How to explain the death of a pet child

Some children first glimpse of death was formed after the death of a cat or dog.So much depends on the parents - how to explain to a child that was not to frighten and reassure.One of the options is also a "dreamland", which come after the death of all the animals.You can talk about reincarnation, when a cat or dog, so long to please a family, ever appear in another boy or girl, where he learned new games and amusements. There are many options as to how to tell the kids about this sad event.Selection of a particular method depends only on the age of the child and parents outlook.

When to start a new four-legged friend

How many people, so many opinions.So on this issue - who is trying as quickly as possible to switch to a new pet, and others, intending to "be faithful" deceased cat or dog, do not want to wind up in the future pets.Universal Board in this case does not exist, it is only important to remember that all necessary measure - if sadness is prolonged, and the person can not recover from the death of a pet, you need to seek professional help.