Black color preferred by people unsure of themselves and have a pessimistic view of the world.At the same time, they stand firmly on his feet, adhere to traditional family values.
Red prefer passionate and hot-tempered nature.This sociable, imperious and strong-willed people.In addition, they have a pronounced altruism.But people avoid red ones, are afraid of scandals and quarrels, love in relationships permanence.
Orange choose avid dreamers.In addition, these people have a good intuition.However, the nature endowed by their hypocrisy and pretense.
Pink love sincere and somewhat infantile people.They appreciate the tenderness and care, can survive on any, even the most insignificant occasion.In turn, those who can not stand the color, have a tendency to pragmatism.
Green - the color of life itself.For fans it is very important to get rid of foreign influence and assert themselves.In addition, they are not afraid of difficulties and everyday problems.
Yellow - the color of intelligent, calm, at ease in communicating people.People who like him, brave, curious, adaptable to changing circumstances and to enjoy life.Nelyubiteli yellow are hard to meet new people.
Blue speaks of melancholy and modesty of his admirers.People who prefer blue, you need to rest more often, as they are prone to rapid fatigue.For such people, it is important that their relatives treated them with care and love.
Purple prefer highly spiritual people.They are delicate, have a high emotional and sensitive.Purple - the color of harmoniously developed people.
White - a synthesis of all colors of the spectrum.It is difficult to judge the character of amateur white, because the color attracts all people without exception.