Most people try to drown out the mental anguish with the help of alcohol.It may help if you spend an evening with the best friend, drinking wine and discussing my problem.The morning after the intimate conversations you should become easier.However, if you spend this kind of "treatment" on a regular basis, your problem will be added one more - the problem of alcoholism.
Work out.During the lessons produces endorphins - the hormone of joy and rhythmic repetitive actions help to distract from the experience.In addition, after the regular exercise you will improve the figure, which will also raise your spirits.
change of scenery.Take a vacation and go to a resort where long dreamed of visiting.If you do not have such an opportunity - go for the weekend to another city.Do everything to get a new experience that zaglushat heartache and distract you.
Get out of your head into work.Feel free to take on new projects linger after hours.If that's not enough, get a hobby.Cleito model ships, embroider.If you are constantly busy, no time you will think about your problems.
Many people find comfort in religion and spiritual practices.If you have never delved into it, try to get acquainted with the Bible.Buddhism, with its system of refusal of desires will also help you look at your problem in a new way.Yoga, meditation - all this will help clear your mind of experiences.
Meet new people.If you know that your city has Kennel Club, cinephiles, fans of detective Daria Series, and you are interested in this topic - feel free to go to a meeting.It is also more likely to choose to concerts, exhibitions and other events held in your town.