extremely important selection criterion is the presence of a psychologist he had a degree in psychology.No knowledge - is not a psychologist.This is not an industry where self-taught can provide expert assistance.Additional courses in various fields of psychotherapy or counseling - is also a very good indicator.
also note whether a person increases their qualification.Visit one or two psychological seminars per year - a good indicator.Further evidence of professional development is to participate in intervizorskih supervizorskoy or groups.At one level intervision psychologists tell each other about the difficulties in the work, dismantle the various cases.When supervision is all controlled by a more experienced or expert is working directly with him.
Experience - another important criterion.Even if people are well educated, with no practical application of the knowledge he can not be considered as a good specialist.You can count experience in psychotherapy or psychological counseling.Some psychologists have experience in advising management, behavior training etc.
If the psychologist he is in therapy, this should not scare you, on the contrary, it is very desirable.Psychologist - also a man, and if he worked for their own difficulties, in his practice, he will not do the associated errors.
Before you sign up for the course of consultations, be sure to perform a test appointment.The person should cause you to have confidence and to be able to establish contact.You have to feel that it will help you be able to trust him.Contact is important because even if a person is highly qualified, but you do not trust him, nothing happens.
Another important point: you have to understand what kind of help you require.Usually, the problem is divided into three categories: personal problem;problem your child or in communion with him;problems in the family, a couple or a team.Choose a specialist based on his profile.