How to recognize a person suffering from histrionic personality disorder

From early childhood, these people differ rich imagination and a desire to imitate people in his entourage, as well as the heroes of cartoons and films.At older ages, they are often involved in various adventures.Their behavior is different theatricality and artificiality.Any, even the trivial situation they perceived too seriously.

People with histrionic personality disorder, inflated self-importance.They are very rarely considered as the opinion of others.In any suitable situation they are trying to express themselves, to insert a replica.No matter whether it is in place or not.In a dispute such people operate with a very superficial facts, trying to sound more erudite.

They are often baffled by the tasks that require persistence.Prefer mainly amateur career when choosing classes.The new craze that such a person has persistently indulged yesterday, today will be delayed for "later".

Falls for a man very quickly and just as quickly it cools down.In adolescence can be a lot of novels.Addiction to a lasting relationship is not observed.Often there are exalted affection, when partners are ascribed to the positive qualities he does not possess.At the same time he is trusting and easily attaches to the people.

man with histrionic personality disorder is driven by only one - the desire to attract as much attention.This is the basis of all its actions.Bright clothes, provocative behavior, "deep" knowledge of science and art he uses to impress.All attention is given to such a person only external manifestations, so it is empty inside, sometimes even miserable and wretched.

treatment method histrionic personality disorder

treatment of a person suffering from this disease, may require considerable effort.First of all, the psychiatrist should have more experience and be professional.Almost all patients have a tendency to lie, sometimes pathological form.They can lie to that group or individual therapy showed them a new life, and they have been great changes in just a few sessions.The psychiatrist should keep your distance when dealing with these people to help them effectively.

If the patient is aware that suffers from this disease, it is much easier to treat.A certain theatricality in the behavior still remains, but the whole man after therapy sessions finds inner harmony and stops chasing the attention of others.