Many of us have experienced the hard way "charm" of separation.Yes ... fights inside, hurt, shame ....

First I want to write, you can always try to correct the mistakes, correct themselves, to correct its attitude to the situation.But sometimes it does not work and begins the period, which is called depression well or decrease in emotionality.You can zoom in to the isolation and loneliness.

Firstly, it refers to the habit.Pillow, a cup when they are on hand - just a pillow and a cup, and when they disappear from life, it is a favorite pillow and favorite cup.We become attached to them firmly, and then took a rope and cut sharply.That man, when I was there, it seemed that it always, but when this fact is refuted, we realize that they have lost a part of life, and life itself.

Secondly, deception.It is not necessary that this person has deceived you, you can deceive yourself.Maybe it's fate, a sinner.

Third, when you threw, he or she, it seems that all the cast.

can write thousands and thousands of more points on why bad.

pain is always present in such situations!Someone alcohol suppresses it, someone blames everyone and everything, confined to their own lives.

But then there comes a kind of apathy to the world and its rhythm.The dynamics of life is replaced by a constant and routine.Maybe it's because all the feelings that had previously been spent evenly splashed out like a volcano, leaving only lava work, home affairs and everything.

But you want to fix, right?Where appropriate, some words: "Life goes on."Perhaps you need only wait out this period, helping himself to return to real life.Delve into the work to the maximum, to fix the house itself, a way of life and start from scratch.Maybe this list will be dented, but it will be clean and your choice whether to write on it, and cherish, or throw him, wishing it all my life.You fall in love again, you will have a family, maybe you'll be traveling and fall in love with it.The main thing is not to become isolated and to help find your heart that will lead out of this state.

It is your right ... Click on the "play" or to keep the eternal pause.