to surround the child maximum care, it is necessary, of course, a lot of effort, because it needs to spend time on it.The time that parents sometimes want to dedicate yourself, you need to give your child.However, this time you need to spend with benefit to the baby felt the love of the parents, and it needs to take into account several nuances.
Caution - is the ability to listen to the child at any age.As soon as the baby learns to talk, he will try to convey to parents that he was alarmed and worried, happy and interested.It is important to listen to what he says, and thus be an active listener.We need to ask questions, express their opinions, to try to understand the child.Confined children appear because no one wanted to listen.
Attention - this joint exercises, which begin with the gathering designer and puzzles, going roller skating and cycling.Sharing with your child hobbies or passions, parents continue to be his friends.So, with all of the issues it will continue to come to mom and dad.
Attention - this helps the child.Some parents seeking to instill in your child independence very early on children need to perform any tasks alone.And the child, even if the theory can cope with this task, spends a lot of effort to overcome self-doubt and the search for the right solutions.It is better to ask if the child needs help.Well, when the baby is committed to do something on their own.But if he can not, and parents are confident that he has to learn himself, as a child, and will stand in the place without feeling attention and care on the part of adults.
Warning - these are the words of support and encouragement.Parents need to learn to be attentive to the words in which the child needs.When he did something to himself for the first time and in a hurry to share his achievement with his mother, it is important to share with them the joy and praise.When he has something does not work, it is necessary to tell him what he had done, he tries, and support, the desire to try to be lost.
Attention - this focus on the child's parents.The more time and care will be donated to the kid as a child, the more confident person he will grow and be able to give their attention to their children in the future.