Personality - is innate or acquired characteristics of human nature.Some may change throughout life, especially under the influence of society, while others remain unchanged.Among psychologists it is widely believed that many personality traits are formed in the first five years of life, and then they just adjusted.

By innate personal qualities can be attributed different character traits.For example, Cattell treat them the level of intelligence, especially perception and memory, talent for music, drawing and so forth., As well as basic characteristics of temperament.

Jung held similar views on this issue and all the people divided into eight basic types according to their personal qualities: extroverts and introverts, he shared in the feeling, to feel intuitive and cognitive.This approach was taken into account when creating the Myers-Briggs test, which is based on four components: introversion - extroversion, awareness - intuition, judgment - sensations, thoughts - feelings.

Particularly noteworthy career choice at certain personal qualities.According to psychologists, a person who is unsuitable for a particular job in nature, will not achieve her success.Besides, every profession has its desirable and undesirable personality traits that are also important.

For example, a successful entrepreneur must possess qualities such as independence, hard work, self-esteem, responsibility, courage, initiative, communication skills, reliability, ability to handle stress.At the same time it should not be characterized by aggressiveness, tactlessness, lack of confidence.The teacher should be observant, demanding, tactful, balanced, attentive, able to explain the material well, but not withdrawn, prone to aggression, punctuality, irresponsible.